At Spectrum, We provide unparalleled service and support for cooling tower system. Whether it is a single replacement part, a thermal upgrade to improve performance, Refurbishment of the Cooling Tower system or construction of a new Cooling Tower system. Every customer receives the same attention from our knowledgeable experienced staff.


Our construction team will work with you through every stage of the cooling tower construction process from design specifications and construction to maintenance and service. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable at building and installing all sizes and types of cooling tower systems including: Crossflow systems, Counterflow systems and HVAC cooling tower systems. We can advise, manage and supply all parts for entire installation process


A Thermal upgrade is imperative to maintain and/or optimize your cooling tower system’s performance. The most important factor in evaluating performance is the proper proportioning of air and water. All components should be designed for maximum air movement through the fill area at the lowest horse power requirement. Spectrum can evaluate your tower on a total system approach that assures you all the parts work together for the greatest total performance. Upgrading a tower to reach its greatest performance potential can be influenced by several factors: the present tower must be able to carry the increased load; the structure of the present tower most be acceptable; the dimensions of the present tower must be proportionate to the increased load; and the cost of a thermal upgrade should be less than building a new tower. Spectrum is constantly trying to make improvements to increase your thermal capacity.


Our team is qualified to repair and service all makes and model’s of Cooling towers. As a customer oriented business, we pride ourselves on service and attention to detail. From the small project of changing Nozzles to large project requiring major structural repair. Spectrum understand your needs and we can repair your tower with minimum downtime.


Reducing energy expenditures in your cooling tower may be as simple as regular maintenance. Proper maintenance will optimize heat transfer and help all plant equipment operate efficiently. A Cooling tower is subjected to one of the most extreme operating conditions of equipment’s used today. Recognition of this fact emphasizes the need for regular, periodic cooling tower inspections and maintenance schedules. Spectrum is capable of diagnosing and correcting all Cooling tower problems on a variety of cooling towers including wood, fiberglass or concrete towers; counterflow or crossflow design. Our preventative maintenance program includes inspections and repairs to the following components: gear reducers, motors, drive shafts, alignments, fans, fan blade pitch, fan stacks, hot water basins and distribution systems. We also troubleshoot for any specific problems and offer service contracts that can be scheduled at the client’s convenience.


We at Spectrum take great pride in doing our work thoroughly, and our understanding of cooling tower’s assist us in performing quality inspections. Spectrum can provide a thorough inspection of any crossflow or counterflow cooling tower consisting of inspecting the mechanical equipment, fan deck, hot water deck, structure, handrails, fills, drift eliminators, louvers and cladding, distribution system, plenum area, and stairway. Spectrum will follow up with a written report that will outline the areas inspected, the repairs that may be needed for a safe and continued operation of the cooling tower , as well as the area that do not require immediate attention.


Spectrum offers a wide selection of OEM replacement parts for your cooling tower systems. Fills, Drift Eliminators, Nozzles, Louvers, Fan assembly, Motors, Pumps,


The whole cooling tower, all cooling tower parts and internals as well as offering a scheduled cleaning service to ensure maximum performance and reduce the risk of blockage etc.